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If you choose to visit and utilize the services of Fast Maxi, any disputes over your use and privacy are subject to both this Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions. If you have any concern surrounding your privacy at Fast Maxi, please send us a detailed note. We will try to resolve any problems as quickly as is possible. Please note that our services are growing constantly and as a result this Policy and our Terms & Conditions will likely change as well. We may e-mail periodic notices of change to our users, but it is your responsibility to maintain awareness of the current state of both documents.

Terms of Use

Welcome to Fast Maxi. Our services are provided to you subject to the following conditions. By visiting our site or using our services, you are accepting these conditions. Please note that these terms are subject to change and it is your responsibility to be aware of them.


The privacy information for our site is laid out in our privacy policy. Please review it to understand how we gather information about you, how we use that information, and what choices you have about the use of your information.

Cancellation Policy

Reservations on our site can be cancelled up to 10hrs in advance of the time of arrival without charge. That time is judged from 12am Sydney time (GMT+10:00) on the day of the reservation. If reservations are cancelled after the 10-hour period has begun, clients are liable for payment to reimburse the loss of our drivers.


In the unlikely event that there is a dispute regarding our services, please contact us promptly. We are thoroughly committed to customer service and will do everything we can to attempt to resolve the issue. We are very interested in your experiences with our services, so if you have comments about them, please let us know.

What is the cost to use Fast Maxi?

The e-services of Fast Maxi are offered absolutely free to the customer! Browse as you like, we hope you find our services useful!

Are taxes included in reservation costs?

Yes, the quoted amount includes GST, Toll & Parking fees.. All applicable taxes are factored into the listed price, so what you see when you reconfirm should be what you pay.

Booking Service Provider

A booking service provider takes bookings for taxis or hire vehicles to provide passenger services and communicates bookings to drivers. The inclusion of this term in the Point to Point Transport Act means that a wider range of people and businesses are covered by the law than under the Passenger Transport Act 1990 (the 1990 Act). For example, while there have been businesses that provide phone and internet booking facilities to hire car operators, taxi and hire car drivers and their customers for many years, they were not covered by the 1990 Act. Depending on how the business is run, the Point to Point Transport Act covers them for the first time. Taxi networks from the 1990 Act are also considered to be booking service providers, and any taxi network that was authorised under the 1990 Act is being automatically recognised as a booking service provider under the new law. Hire car operators would also often take bookings from customers in relation to the provision of hire car services, and for this reason hire car operators who were accredited under the 1990 Act are also being automatically recognised as booking service providers. Many taxi and hire car drivers would also be covered by the definition of a booking service provider because it is common for them to take bookings directly from customers, and also to pass them on to other drivers. Booking service providers must be authorised by the Commissioner. The regulation excludes travel agents from the definition of a booking service provider.